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Make a statement with the Aurora concrete candle. This beautiful handcrafted candle is illuminated by three wooden wicks and hand-poured with premium soya wax. Choose your fragrance and colour for a truly customised experience. This artisanal candle comes wrapped in plant based compostable 'plastic' wrap and in a gift box. 


Please note that candles are hand-poured to order and require 24 hours to cure, this will add an additional 1-2 days to the expected delivery time. 

Our candles combine high quality soya wax, beautiful wooden wicks and high grade fragrance oils to produce a luxury eco friendly candle burning experience. Never leave a lit candle unattended. 


Aurora wax is approximately 280g

Fragrance Descriptions

Noir Haven - Sultry, smoky, suave. This masculine fragrance balances Cuban tobacco and oak with jasmine and citrus for a deep and seductive scent with light and refreshing top notes. Perfect for a chilled evening by the fire or whilst sinking into a steamy bubble bath. 

Sea Salt and Drift Wood -This fresh and invigorating scent will invoke memories of summer evenings by the beach. Feel relaxed and revitalised with the mix of driftwood, waterlily and rock salt. 

Smoking Embers - The perfect balance of warm spice and smoky driftwood. Smoking Embers combines masculine tobacco  with sweet honey and a hint of fresh citrus to produce a smooth scent with depth and ambience. Combined with our crackling wooden wicks, this scent will make you feel like you're sat around the smoking embers of a campfire on a warm autumn evening.  

Soft Vanilla - Feel enveloped in this classic buttery vanilla scent.  Whipped Madagascan vanilla pods with a hint of warm spice are combined with a base of crushed nuts and woods to produce a layered, smooth and sweet scent. Bring warmth and relaxation into your home with this classic and staple candle scent that smells good enough to eat.

Warm Woods and Cashmere - Capture autumn with the comforting scent of warm woods and cashmere. This oriental inspired fragrances combines soothing sandal and cedar wood with flora and musk to create a rich, comforting experience. 

Golden Hour - The perfect holiday scent in a candle. Combining lily, coconut and musk, this fragrance captures the feeling of Santorini sun on your skin and the cool sultry evening air of Mykonos. 

Revival - Wild Mint, Eucalyptus, White Tea. Spring encapsulated in a candle. Feel fresh and reinvigorated with this soothing fragrance that feels like Sunday yoga, fresh linen sheets and the first sip of a morning coffee. 

Melon and Cucumber - Lily of the Valley, Cucumber, Refreshing Melon. Is there a more refreshing combination than juicy melon and cleansing cucumber? A perfect spring-summer scent to make you feel rejuvenated and ready to capture the day.  

Gingerbread -  Warm, spiced gingerbread. This delectable fragrance will transform you home into a French patisserie. 

Spiced Orange -Zesty, comforting, spiced. An autumnal fragrance to warm your lounge.

Refill Instructions

For our concrete candles, please follow these instructions on how to use our refills:

1. When there is approx 1/2 inch of wax remaining in your vessel, allow the wax to cool to a softened semi-liquid state and scoop out the remaining wax and remove the metal wick holders. Be careful when handling hot wax. You can use a hairdryer on a low setting to melt the wax if needed.

2. Use a dry tissue or cloth to wipe the residual wax from the inside of the vessel.

3. Unwrap your new refill and pop it inside, light and enjoy! You'll find a new sticker for the refill fragrance in the packaging.

4. Please don't forget to compost the plant based "plastic" wrap!

The refills are intended to be used in the concrete vessels, please only light them when they are in the vessel. Failure to do so may cause injury or fire.

Candle Q&As

What is the best type of candle to buy?

Soy wax candles are a great option for anyone who wants to be planet-conscious and have a high performing, well made candle. Paraffin wax and other petroleum-based candles burn faster and produce more soot. Soy on the other hand, is made from a renewable, natural resource with a longer burn time and cleaner fragrance throw. 

Are more expensive candles worth the money?

Our candles are made with premium soy wax and high grade fragrance oils to produce a candle with great scent throw, even when not lit! Every detail is considered when making RK crafted candles - from the olive oil dipped wooden wicks to produce a satisfying crackle, to the hand made concrete casing and the luxury packaging. A great candle should be an experience - a gift to yourself, a joy to unwrap, an enhancement to your home and a pleasure to burn. Our candles are a little luxury; a moment to relax and a piece of time, effort and consideration to gift to those special to you. 

How can you tell good quality candles?

Our main considerations for candles are the grade of soy wax, the quality of the fragrance oils and the wicks used. We’ve tested all three factors and chosen the best of each to ensure deep and potent scents, an even and level wax melt and clean burn. You can tell our candles are great quality from the even melt that covers the whole candle surface, the great fragrance throw and the burn time. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kevin Graham
Beautiful handcrafted candles, so unique!

We got two of the long boat like candles in different colours and they are lovely.
So elegant and stylish in a modern way.
The fragrances are delightful and cover the smells of cat ownership nicely!
Will definitely be getting some more as gifts and refills for my own.

Margaret Micklewright
Subtle fragrance, beautifully package.

Beautiful amber glass container, crackling wick, far superior to other candles I have used. Love this fragrance.

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