How are your concrete candles made?

Our concrete candles are handmade. A concrete mix is set in moulds and allowed to harden for 24-48 hours. Once de-moulded, they are sanded and buffed and then sealed with a premium, non-toxic, non-flammable sealant. Cork is placed onto the base to prevent rubbing on furniture.

Why has the wax changed as it burns?

We use a premium plant-based soya wax blend to provide great scent throw and a gloss to candle. However, as with natural, plant-based waxes, they are sensitive to rapid temperature changes and are therefore prone to distortion, holes and cracking after a candle is burnt and extinguished.

Don’t worry - this does not affect the quality or burn of the candle. The changes in the wax are a sign of the natural ingredients which we think makes every candle unique and characterful as it burns.

To prevent discolouration of your candle, be sure to trim the excess burnt wick between burns to stop this falling into the wax. Trimming the wick is also important to help prevent fire hazards.

How eco-friendly are you?

Being planet-conscious is a huge part of our business ethos. We use recyclable packaging in our orders and to pack our candles. Our candles come in a reusable, recyclable cotton drawstring bag. We will be transitioning to compostable bags very soon.

We are working on being able to provide wax inserts so that once you’ve bought our concrete candle once, you can keep reusing the vessel with any scent of your choosing. Until then, we encourage you to use the vessels as plant pots or as a storage container once you’ve finished using the candle.

What’s your returns policy?

You can return any of our products within 30 days for a full refund if the products are unused and in their original packaging. Any candles must be unburnt.

The customer must pay for any cost incurred for returns postage.

Please send your returns to the below address using your surname and order number as a reference accompanying the item:

RK Crafted
Herswell Farm
Lipe Hill Lane
TA21 9LT

Do you ship abroad?

Unfortunately, we do not ship outside of the UK at present. We hope to be able to ship more widely in the future.

Does my concrete candle have imperfections?

As every concrete candle is hand crafted, there will always be some very minor differences in every vessel. As such, there may be slight variations in our light and dark grey coloured vessels or slight differences in texture. We put time and consideration into every candle and hold a high standard for each and every product produced. Each of our candles have character, not imperfections.