Who We Are


We're George and Rebecca - the faces behind RK Crafted Ltd.

It's always nice to know who you're supporting when you purchase from a small business, so we thought we'd make a proper introduction.

We're both 27 and from Somerset. George has a real eye for design and movie-making and I've always loved crafting and creating.

We both felt that there was a lack of high quality, luxury homeware available that didn't have loud logos or lacked character. We also felt there was an opportunity to make candles a beautiful staple in your home and also eco-friendly by offering refills.

After two years together, we decided to combine our passions, leave our careers and take the plunge to create RK Crafted Ltd in February 2024.

All of our concrete candles are handmade by us and all of our candles are hand-poured and packaged by us.

The few brands that we have sourced our lovely homeware follow our values of high quality and minimalist design. We also work with local artists to showcase their beautiful original art.

Being eco-friendly is really important to us both, so we've ensured all of our packaging is either recyclable or compostable. Our refillable candles also mean less waste and more uses of your favourite candle vessel.

Your support means everything, so thank you.

Rebecca and George

About Us

Here at RK Crafted LTD, our passion is creating and sourcing high quality and unique homeware pieces to compliment any style and elevate any space.

Premium Quality - Our candles are all hand poured and combine high quality soya wax, fragrance and wicks to produce a long lasting, aromatic experience. We've created an all-round sensory affair by hand-dipping our wooden wicks to enhance the satisfying crackle when burning.

We never sacrifice quality for quantity, which is why all of our homeware is carefully curated to ensure they maintain the same standard we expect of our in house home-crafted goods. 

Unique - We work with small businesses and artists who hand produce their wares meaning every piece you purchase from us is unique. We also handmake our concrete homeware and candle vessels. Each piece in our shop has been produced with care, consideration and intention; so you know that each item you purchase from us is like no other and cannot be mass produced and consumed. 

Staple, sleek, stylish - Our aesthetic is simple and understated, yet sophisticated and sleek. The beauty is in the details of our pieces, from our concrete vessels to our coffee cups. Our crisp and clean designs will add a hint of luxury to any home. 

Planet Conscious - We always favour natural materials over plastics and synthetics that pollute the planet. Our products are built for longevity and are purposefully designed to be a timeless edition to a home when fashions are constantly encouraging disposal and new purchases with every season. Our products are packaged in eco-friendly packaging. We will continue to place sustainability at the core of our business ethos.