Luxury Products Without the Branding

Luxury Products Without the Branding

Subtlety is well, by nature, a difficult concept to capture in a product. The luxury market is dominated by overt logos stamped across every product and loud repeating monograms are the pattern of choice for most designers. It is a show of status often at the detriment of the quality of the actual product.

RK Crafted was established because we feel that there is beauty in subtlety and in the understated nature of a high quality, well-made sleek product. All of our concrete candles are not just hand-made, they're hand-crafted. Each candle takes time and care to make and each product we source is premium grade. At RK Crafted, each purchase is an investment in the time, attention to detail and love dedicated into each piece. The smoothness and natural grain in the concrete vessels, the softness of the 100% cashmere throws and the pleasing weight of the stoneware cups; it is these details which make our products luxury, not a garish logo. Every sense is thought of, from the high quality fragrance in the candles, the hand-dipped wicks to ensure a satisfying crackle, the sensation of the weighted smooth, cool concrete in your hand and of course, how simple yet elevated they look. 

Another reason why we omit branding on our concrete vessels is to make our candles suit every interior design and style. It is so pleasing to have a silky smooth candle vessel uninterrupted by stickers or busy decorations when trying to create a soothing and minimalist environment. They are a compliment to your design, not a jarring outlier. We're focused on creating timeless pieces that add a touch of luxury to the home and withstand the passing fashions and trends. In fact, we're looking to create candle wax inserts so you can keep your current concrete vessel and just pop in a replacement fragranced insert when you're finished. 

I hope this first blog goes some way in explaining what drives us at RK Crafted. We'd love to hear your feedback so please feel free to message us on Instagram @rkcrafted or use the contact us page. 


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